baker's doz: luxury monster triangle!

this yarn has been waiting patiently for the perfect pattern to appear for over two years. it's blue heron silk merino that my parents got me on one of their trips. the colors were way too awesome and it was way too soft to turn into just anything, so it became the skein that was always visible in my sewing corner that i almost didn't believe i would ever get to use. well, in all my ravelry browsing i found this pattern, the Anteros Shawl. it's perfect. not too fussy, the variegation of my yarn won't eat the lace alive and i can make it huge if i want, done deal! i put it on my queue and maybe two days later, i opened my email on my birthday and saw my fellow yarn loving cousin Alice had gifted me the PDF! seriously awesome birthday surprise! i went down and grabbed the yarn and a pyrex bowl (my in progress knitting project vessel of choice) and cast on almost immediately... my excitement was borderline embarrassing. it was my birthday right? if i can't cast on a new project and knit in the middle of the day on my birthday then when can i? thanks Alice!

but lace.

lace. lace. lace. you'd almost think after knitting my last three lace projects that i actually like knitting lace.

well... i love the way it looks, but damn i don't understand it at all. make one tiny mistake and good luck even figuring out what it was, nevermind actually fixing it. i think i dropped one yo i was supposed to purl... but once you drop a yo WHERE DOES IT GO??? couldn't pick it up. it's gone to the world. i actually managed to fix it in a MacGyver kind of way (yeah, i said MacGyver), i'm not going to lie though, when i realized what happened i had to take my sweater off because i got all hot and horrified i was going to have to rip the whole thing out... again. the finished results are going to be totally worth it though, and luckily no one will notice my secret solution but me since it happened on the very edge.

MacGynver saves the day with a paperclip and a calculated ignored yo yet again. phew.


  1. It looks excellent! I'm glad you had a great birthday. :)

    1. thanks! yeah i totally did. i woke up and it was sort of a bummer but getting to start this totally brightened it up :)