dilly beans

dilly beans
db really wanted green beans, and he also wanted me to make more pickles... so i made pickled green beans!

it's the second recipe i've used from the food in jars cookbook and let me say, these babies are amazing. they're nice and spicy and are perfect for that "holy shit if i don't eat a snack right now i am going to die" moment that usually ends poorly (bag of christmas candy, i'm looking at you.) i didn't bother making them shelf stable, so they live in the fridge and are in zero danger of sitting there long enough to get questionable.

if you want to try them for yourself but don't have the book, you're in luck! here's the recipe. i'm pretty excited for this summer when green beans are actually in season, i'm going to make a ton of these for sure.

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  1. Yay! So glad they turned out well for you! Those are definitely my favorite pickle.