2012 dirty dozen SUCCESS!!! part 4 of 4

and here's the grand finale! maybe in 2013 i'll learn how to use photoshop so i can make photo collages of work...

all info will be below the pic i'm writing about. if you want more details on the projects click here.

number ten
RAD fox!
rad fox!

i knit this little dude up to wear to rhinebeck, but i didn't end up going :/ that's fine though, i got to wear this ridiculous thing to the grocery store and it now stares me in the face every time i open the closet. i altered the pattern to make his body in the round rather than flat and one sided which turned out well. sewing it together though? so boring! i might make like 4 more to sew into a faux vintage murder stole thing. gross and awesome.
pattern- mr. fox stole my heart & mini fox by tiny owl knits
yarn- claudia hand painted sock - scarlet ohara, rubies playing, cotton candy

number 11
hooded wool cape!
new look 6028

i love looking at this cape, i wanted to make one for two years before i found the perfect pattern to use. of course, it was a children's pattern. all the adult cape patterns lacked any sense of humor, there was no flounce and that's no fun. this thing is awesome.
pattern- new look maudella 6028 (uk)
fabric- dorr woolen mills - 6811 oatmeal background w/peach & mint plaid
new things- adding details

number 12
grace cardi
grace cardi
new new new! patting myself on the back for how cool this one is. i was using this yarn to knit a different pattern but realized it was coming out too big and had to rip it out. luckily, within days of that happening, this pattern was released and i cast it on instead. by far the fanciest lace i've ever done and also the most useful sweater i've ever knit. i'm sold on the whole sock yarn for sweaters thing, it makes them so much more every day usable (i think anyways). i LOVE how it came out! it's getting it's own post next week with more pictures :)
pattern- grace by jane richmond
yarn- sweet georgia yarns tough love sock - pumpkin
new things- fancy lace pattern, picked up button bands, picking up sts along a lace edge ...horrifying

number 13
calico dress!
mccall's 3494

also new! i don't care that i'm an adult and not supposed to wear adorable things like this, i don't think i ever will. when i set off on the 12 of 2012 i was imagining tons of dresses so i'm glad i banged out at least one. 2013 will be the year of the dresses and they might even fit alright since i learned a bit about sizing, adjustments and how to put in a regular old dress zipper on this dress. sweet!
pattern- mccall's 3494 - from the 70s
fabric- free spirit: chicopee
new things- dropping back neckline, inserting regular dress zipper, taking in sides without messing up armhole size

number 14 and 15 have no photo evidence because they were christmas gifts finished within minutes of leaving to give them away. one was a stocking for a new baby which i designed, it said his name in colorwork! and the other was an adorable grey and purple hat with scallops color work and a dense pom pom. i so wish i'd gotten pics, now i've learned my lesson, it's not done until it's photographed!

i hope you all liked seeing what trouble one can get into in just 12 months. making things with yarn and cloth has become such a part of my everyday that i'm going to keep on banging the projects out. it feels good to be wearing a sweater you've knit while working on a hat for a friend or scheming the next project. plus it's cool knowing everything you make will hold up well and be put to good use.

"my hobbies are both time consuming and antiquated." ...i plan on doing nothing about it.

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