december 21, 2012

best view in the world
i've been judging the length of my life depending on how close i've been to this date since high school. what will i have done by then? will i still be an artist? where will i live? i'll be 27!

well here it is, and i've got to say if i die tomorrow i will honestly die a happy girl. graduated college with my BFA, still an artist, married my best friend, have an adorable dog and learned how to do lots and lots of cool shit just because i wanted to. i'd have never guessed i would have taught art in a preschool, that i'd figure out so young what i want to do in this life, even if i'm still only beginning to make it reality (everyone should read "miss rumphius" aka the lupine lady, it's so good and the sentiment is right on), or that i'd love learning so much i'd compulsively watch documentaries. high school me would be shocked but not dismayed by my life and that's a good thing. even disregarding the fact that i still have a facial piercing, i must've done something right.

i don't know about you, but tomorrow i'm wearing my absolute favorite dress, and as db and i promised each other in college... we both took the day off and we're going to party ALL DAY. only the good stuff. i don't actually think the world is going to end, but how special is tomorrow? if there's any day in particular to be truly thankful for life, tomorrow is the ONE day in our lives we should. and if we all wake up on december 22nd it really will be a new beginning won't it?

i'm going to think about all my favorite things, and here i share with you my absolute favorite place on earth. i hope you all have an awesome, awesome end of the world.

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