haircut! haircut! read all about it!

haircut! wildly interesting right? well it is to me! i was born and raised a short haired girl by a mom who was born and raised a short haired girl and now i will die a short haired girl. not many people can say long hair was a phase of rebellion can they? it was a mess and i hated it! i kept it long when my friend got engaged because she demanded it (it would have been nice if she had asked and not commanded me to not cut it, i would have kept it long for her but been less pissy about it), but the wedding is over and i am now master of my own life again.

what a nuisance, really. long hair looks so beautiful on so many girls but it's just not my thing at all. now i just have to get used to people being less nice to me again. as my hair grew out people treated me less and less like a cultural leper but whatever, i feel better. now i'm back to being unattractive to men and having women think i'm hitting on them. same old shit. at least db and uzo still like me!

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