dirty doz: meet RAD fox!

rad fox!
he's done! i finished knitting all the parts of this little dude over a month ago but only finished him now because i managed to procrastinate actually assembling him with amazing efficiency. not a huge fan of the sewing together of things... maybe this explains why i have three cut out and marked sewing projects sitting neatly piled and not a seam sewn on any of them. anyways, i really like how he came out! i used some little glass buttons i had in my "fancy button jar" for the eyes and they totally give him the creepy insane fox look i was going for. he looks like the kind of fox that would cuddle up next to you and then run off with your baby. PERFECT.

i knit him in the round rather than flat like the pattern said, specific details here on ravelry. he stays in place with a hidden susan bates stitch holder. also i don't need to worry about him being too absurd to be used, i wore him to the grocery store last night. not a single person said anything to me which i find strange because really, he's kind of noticeable and silly. but i guess we were in suburban new jersey where my nose ring is probably enough to get people to avoid interacting with me, never mind my semi-insane haircut and then a candy colored knit fox stole. i probably may as well have had "KEEP ME AWAY FROM YOUR CHILDREN" tattooed on my face. either way, he was cute and kept my neck warm, i give him an A+.

mr fox stole my heart & mini fox by tiny owl knits
claudia hand painted yarns sock in scarlet o'hara, cotton candy and rubies playing
rad fox
here's a better pic of color, the selfy camera on my phone kinda blows it with reds but i needed an action shot!