karen walker number six

new shades!

many apologies for this very large picture of my face, i am just that into my new shades. now i'm generally not materialistic or vain, but every once in a while a girl just NEEDS something as ridiculous as a pair of high quality shades to make her life that much more fabulous than necessary. enter karen walker, maker of all shades rad (besides of course, giles deacon). i feel sort of bad because they were pretty expensive, but i also don't. i gave up a vacation this summer! my fave heart shaped shades have finally shat the bed and the combo of those two things could only lead to one end: fancy shades retail therapy.

i figure, hey, i wear my shades on a multi-times daily basis, the only two things i wear more are eyeliner and my wedding ring. if i've managed to make a $5 heart shaped pair last this long (three years!) that's a pretty impressive feat. i've proven i'm capable of taking good enough care of these to last at least that long... even though i do have the tendency to only wreck my nice things. we'll see how this pans out, maybe i'm a grown up now right?

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