dirty doz: cloudy day legwarmers

more madelinetosh grapefruit in my life, only this time it's sock yarn so yes, i bought the same color for a different project on purpose. it's a great color! i like to describe it as "neon coral". this is being turned into some cloudy day legwarmers by the end of the day most likely, because it's still in the high 80s with a million percent humidity everyday so i definitely need legwarmers right now. after i'm done with these guys i'll have a bit of this leftover and i have a skein and a half of madelinetosh tosh sock in edison bulb too... something awesome and neon is going to happen.


  1. Love love love these leg warmers! I made & wore the shitake out of them last year! Great with boots and skirts. Great color!

  2. Just one of my favorite hobbies. But I'm more into making coin purse though. Anyway, guess it's time for me to try leveling up.

  3. thanks guys! i can't wait for a bit of chill to come around so i can start wearing them :) and piper totally go for it! wearing something you made just how you wanted it is so fun. :)