class with Shabd Simon-Alexander!

ignoring all of the madness going on around me right now, i'm trying to get in the zone for an amazing adventure i planned months ago... this weekend i'm taking the train up to Brooklyn to take a fiber reactive dyes and shibori techniques course with Shabd Simon-Alexander at the Textile Arts Center! i'm going to learn how to make something beautiful like this picture, it's totally exciting! ever since i discovered Shabd i've loved her work. it has a very space phenomenon feeling but is beautiful and soft, it's a gentler version of what i do in my paintings. she uses color so boldly, i'm a fan.

as you all know i'm sure i LOVE fiber and textiles, specifically natural fibers. i've always wanted to learn how to make my own textiles beautiful because color is kind of my biggest thing in life. when people find out i'm an artist and ask my medium i should really stop saying painting and just say 'color' because it's more true. so when i got an email from Shabd's website saying she'd be teaching dying techniques on protein and cellulose fibers i had a little fit and started trying to figure if i could go. could i even get to nyc that weekend and if i could could i even afford it? i decided even though i knew we might be moving this week (and i was right) and it would be super inconvenient that missing this chance would be absolutely lame and wasn't an option. also, my parents always give me christmas $ specifically for art/craft classes so i dug it up and made it happen, thanks guys!

i am absolutely beyond excited for this class. i'm going to learn from an amazing artist, i feel so lucky! this is going to be a cool one guys, i can't wait to post what awesome disasters i create this weekend.


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