so these are the six most entertaining pictures from our BIGGEST ADVENTURE EVER!!! eric and i, db and i and db and eric have all gone on monsterous adventures in pairs, but the three of us togerther have never made it further than my gparents' summer house in nh. this obviously had to change...

so the 3 of us ventured south to good ol' philadelphia and nj to chill with bart (who's origins will remain a mystery because he's akin to the likes of the chupacabra and other mystical creatures) and see the lay of the land. the discoveries were profound. basically nj is both by far the most horrifying place on earth in parts and in others was somewhere leave it to beaver could've been filmed. and philly? i'd hit that.


not getting pulled over
day 1:
NOT getting pulled over for cramming four adults into bart's totally rad pickup

philly cheese steak!
philly cheese steaks at jim's, mr t has eaten there so it must be pretty good. apparently chubby's will give us chubbies though and we should go there next time. the cheese hoagie at jim's was way better than any sandwich i've ever had in providence... i ate the entire enormous thing and db and eric were on vom watch riding behind me for a while. jerks.

awesome fawsome
at the schuylkill river being rebels, taking our bikes past the "no bikes" sign

our biggest adventure EVER!
day 2:
hike in the pouring rain to hunt for nature and Pinies. we only found Nature the toad and he didn't piss on our hands or maybe it was just raining so hard we couldn't tell.

smokey, you are WRONG
smokey = WAY off

the ride home
the ride home. i also had my gameboy pocket which somehow escaped being documented. pokemon all the way!

philadelphia is cool, has lots of parks, bike lanes and friendly... fellow tourists.
nj is what made andy and larry wachowski write the matrix by giving them a pretty good idea of what the whole post apocalyptic earth will look like when we finish destroying it in a few years, but also pretty cool in other parts which was fairly shocking.

adventure success

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