bruce lee horror jfk this weekend i went to the brimfield antiques show with one of my friends and fellow old junk lovers linnae. we seriously look forward to this every year, it's that awesome. i've nabbed some of the most awesome vintage finds of my life there, actually THE most awesome seeing as i got my wedding dress there for a whopping $45. it's awesome, if you live within a few hours of it and love thrifting it's without question worth your time, but bring a picnic because it's so much more fun.

this year we spotted our usual completely random jfk object, got our asses kicked by $79 bruce lee, got sunburns (no big surprise there) and had burrito picnic. i also managed to find the most insane diana ross-esque dress for $20! it needs a little taking in but it's so worth it.

we ave seen some pretty funny people and things there. this time there was no pitbull wearing a saddle (very sad) but i did see hannah of hannah and landon which was pretty cool. brimfield is the best!

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