living the dream

living the dream

do you ever have so many insane things going on at once that you absolutely can't concentrate on a single one of them? that is me right now. honestly, the only part of my day where i can just feel like a human is when i'm walking uzo. if i told my former, pre-dog self this i probably would have been like "what?! that's the best you can do? a stupid dog walk?" but let me tell you, i am so happy i have that stupid dog walk right now, it's great.

i never would have thought up half the reasons i love having uzo. it's awesome having a chill little dude that is happy and doesn't have a worry in the world in your everyday life, kind of lifestyle inspiration. there are plenty of things that deserve thought and worrying about obviously (how to avoid making waste (plastics damn you!), how to support things worth supporting like responsible farming practices and not supporting things not worth supporting like buying clothing that's made without regard for human rights or imports from countries with governments that are terrible) but beyond that i would like to be more like uzo. he doesn't give a shit where we're moving in june, how much money we have saved, whether our car is running (which is barely) or anything like that. he cares about the weather, laying in the sun outside and if he gets to sniff piss all over the neighborhood, a practice i like to call "catching up on neighborhood gossip". i even sing him songs about himself while we're walking and i think he might like it. he's so happy every single day it's totally contagious.

dogs really are man's best friend.

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