light and bright

ice cream crop top llbean tote hooray detail oatmeal zippy future cardigan future dress

i'd like to welcome these lovely textiles (and future textile) to my life. i noticed this nice pile of newness looking amazing and realized that i have a serious light or bright as hell theme going on in my life right now and naturally documenting it was the first thing i thought of (after making one seriously ridiculous outfit for myself).

from the top...
- a totally rad crop top which is going to vastly enhance my summer. shockingly being from f21 it's made in the usa!
- my awesome and way useful custom llbean tote for weekend adventures and trips to the grocery store made just for me in maine :) and yes, the bow is necessary. for one reason or another i have bows on most of my carrying devices... and bikes
- a freshly finished of the 2012 dirty dozen... more pics of that soon
- a wicked cool zip hoodie i scored from aa during their april fools day sale
- madelinetosh tosh dk in luster aka future cardigan
and finally
- not new but soon to be newly useful, one of my favorite brimfield scores! the most awesome apron ever which i'm planning on turning into a dress this week since i'm on vacation! oh the joy $5 can buy.

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