strange things

when i'm walking down the street i never see things like this which is a bummer. i do see other truely strange and amazing things and write them down though. about a month ago i saw a man weed-whacking the lot that has nothing but the metal recycling plant's dumpsters in it across the street from our building in the pouring rain. he had his head down and was wearing a hoodie, not even a rain coat. it was weird. i took a picture which came out terrible because of the rain and the fact that i was hiding while doing it. the next day the entire lot was trimmed but it almost felt like a ghost had done it and it wasn't real. i think it's good to document things like that so i can jog my memory to the strange and interesting things i've seen in my life, forgetting is a terrible thing.

ralph crane - black cat auditions 1961

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