bike nomads

dillon is going to race bikes next fall, and likely mountain bikes (which is way more awesome than road btw). now i can't help but drift off into daydreams about it. i imagine packing up some awesome little feast and our gear into our sweet little car and driving off to some awesome wilderness place, then setting up our rad zip together sleeping bags (i LOVE zip together sleeping bags!) and sleeping with nature sounds under the stars. the next morning we'll wake up ass early and drink coffee before the race, eat some weird power food that i'm sure db will discover, he loves that shit, then getting all geared up and heading to the start. dillon will be all stoked and riding fast and i'll be chillin on the sidelines with uzo and screaming stupid shit like "how does it feel TO BE AWESOME?!" as he rides by. after the race we'll chill with other rad mountain bike-y, nature loving people while drinking good beer and recapping the days events around a fire.

i just think the idea of the three of us darting off to the woods every weekend and having a rad time is awesome sounding.

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