outside is awesome

if this is what it's like out west sign me up. i just imagine that this is what every home is like in california which would be amazing. i realize it's totally fall right now but it's never too early to start day dreaming about the possibilities for this coming spring and summer right? i want to find a sweet apartment that has a little outdoor space so i can plant a garden, even if it's in pots on a third floor deck because to me at least that still kind of counts. i'll get two nice little outdoor chairs, a small table for beers. oh, and totally a candle, fuck light bulbs. i want to see the stars and trees, not my actual immediate surroundings (which could never be as rad as stars and trees anyways). if the top pic were my yard i wouldn't have decked over the whole thing, but i have to admit it's really, really cute anyways and i'd still spend 90% of my free time out there.

if it we possible to just buy the parts of a house that i think are important; rad porch in the back, yard just big enough for a garden, a fruit tree, two adirondack chairs and a spot for a bird house, a second floor bedroom and a pantry so i no longer have to look at all of my food all the time... i think i'd be able to swing it a whole lot sooner. damn hot water heaters, taxes, plumbing and other stupid expensive stuff jacking up the prices of porches and yards with houses attached!

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