"it's good to want."

i hate that saying. it's so BAD to want, it feels awful. it's almost wrong how much i want this upstate top. it's awesome for so many reasons! i love geometric textiles, i love cropped tops, it looks so organic, it's handmade in the US... i love handmade, plus it's classy as hell. i have SO few nice clothes, too. i've got a cute pinkyotto top with ridiculous cats all over it and a hound beacon crop top which i absolutely love. that' pretty much it honestly. i just want few more awesome pieces so when i have to look like i don't work in a bike shop more than one day in a row i don't have to stress out about how i'm going to conceal the fact that all i own are tank tops of various shapes, silk scarves (which i love and don't feel guilty about at all) and light weight cardigans in every color of the rainbow. it's boring! i'm trapped in my ultra-versatile and wickedly boring wardrobe!

i resolve to be rich enough one year from now to be able to splurge on something like this, even if it's a guilt ridden splurge. no credit cards allowed!

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