i've got to say, peonies saved my day. peonies saved my entire week and i am BEYOND in love with them. every single florist i talked to laughed in my face when i said i wanted them as the flowers for my wedding, "you'll blow your budget" with a chuckle followed by complete unwillingness to talk about it for another second or the far more common "we can't get those, you missed your window by a week."

well guess who's having locally grown, huge, gorgeous light pink peonies in classy little ball jars for her wedding in a week? me! all thanks to jephry floral studio. on top of actually having what i wanted, more gorgeous than i was expecting and them being locally grown (no shipping from around the world and wasting fuel), he was actually nice. did you read that right? yes. he was NICE. the only nice florist i've ever run into, which is another reason my original plan was picking my own wildflowers... you can only get sassed so many times by so many florists.

so yeah, in a week i'll post my very own version of my dream wedding flowers and they will be even more beautiful than these lovely white ones. SO EXCITING!

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