then and now

if my life doesn't involve a copious amount of flowers and nature by this time next year i'm literally running away. i took these pictures two years ago this week and today i went outside and all i saw was muddy sludge in the street and lots of broken glass. living in a mill building is cool and all, but the physical apartment is the only thing about it that doesn't suck. it's like "yay the birds are singing!", then they turn on the metal recycling plant's metal dust spewing fan that's like 20 feet from our windows and we can't hear anything but metal spewing fan. maybe someone should have told us about that before we moved in.

i just want to be able to open the door and it to go outside. not just any outside though, i'm not talking to a parking lot across a street and into another parking lot for a small patch of dog poop covered grass, i want a yard. i want a garden, two adirondack chairs, some shade and to hear the birds. i SO am not a city girl, this place is disgusting and noisy. in the summer when the plants are the most fragrant and wonderful all i can smell when i go outside here is hot dumpster. i'm almost dreading the nice weather. must design escape plan.

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