socks for the man

Db's socks Db managed to totally blow out the last socks I knit him and neither of us noticed until they were pretty far gone. He needed a new pair anyways so no big loss (even though I really liked them). Hey, what can you do? I darned them with contrasting yarn for fun thinking it wouldn't work out, they were horribly ruined, but it worked! Still though, time for some new ones.

This time I decided to make him a pair with SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock so they'd have some nylon mixed in there and hopefully hold up a bit better. He chose such a nice color! And of course it doesn't hurt that it matches one of my yarn bowls perfectly. He wants a plain pair but I like dpns… wish me luck! I have a bad feeling about the ladders on this particular endeavor. I see myself giving it an honest shot and then ripping them out and using magic loop, the bane of my knitting existence.

The things I will do for that man.

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