blanket: done AF

Mosaic blanket Just to start, no longer going to title posts "dirty doz" because like 90% of what I post about is things I am making or have made so it's kind of redundant at this point. However I'll still be tagging posts with it so they can be searched by year and craft.

Anyways, finished this dude a few weeks back, although I wasn't really sure how to take pics of it. I'm into it! It was meant to be a bit smaller, but with blankets I'm assuming bigger will be better in the end anyways right? I can't use it for what it was originally intended for but it's a blanket, it will get use either way I'm sure.

Really easy knit, super cushy end product, fun to look at. Win!

Mosaic Blanket by Purl Soho
Malabrigo Chunky Merino in Tiger Lily and Jacinto Mosaic blanket

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