made it.

Untitled We made it to England! And have internet finally! And our bikes arrived yesterday! And in the midst of everything we went to NORWAY!

My life is a charmed mess if that combination is even possible.

There's so much that has happened between Philly on the 26th and England today that I can't even imagine how long a "what I have been doing for a month" post would be. I've sewn two dresses, been to 5 countries in 7 days, gotten really good at currency conversions in my head and calculating what time it is back home, eaten terrible pizza and tons of weird but amazing candy, forgotten my knitting on my parents' living room floor before my flight… the list goes on.

Now time to get on my lovely, much missed bike to go investigate the local yarn shops. Let's see if I can get my hands on some Bluefaced Leicester wool! Man, keeping it local in the fiber realm here is going to rock.


  1. If in England, you must bike in the outer hebrides, scotland. I did in the late 80's and mind you, the beer in the small pubs are awesome! Especially on a Sunday afternoon~

    1. Oh man that looks gorgeous! We are definitely going to Scotland but I didn't really know where to aim it besides Glasgow or Edinburgh. I will be showing this to the man later today, any excuse to ride bikes and look at beautiful things… and beer :) Thanks so much for the tip!