dirty doz '14: another odd garment

Untitled So I realized last week that I haven't posted about a knitting project in way too long. It is summer, so normally there isn't a whole lot of knitting going on anyhow, but this year since we were prepping to move for 6 months it kind of dropped off sooner than usual. However, as soon as we found out we were going to be living in England starting in July I got really excited about knitting for a number of reasons: 1- it's never heinously hot in England like it is in Philly so I would be able to knit in the summer, 2 - lots of sweater weather, and 3 - BRITISH WOOL.

So while I haven't been posting about it, I have been planning. I brought a mere 5 WIPs or soon to be WIPs along with me (all very favorites or special wool), and one was this amusing garment. A new set of Signature Needle Arts needles, yarn I've never used before, a new project bag and stitch markers from Fringe Supply Co. and a type of garment I've never knit before. A tunic! So all fun new things gathered and saved up to be cast on during my flight to Europe weeks in advance and guess what I forgot on the floor of my parents' house before my flight? This. Go figure. AND my book. It was a very boring two flights. Thankfully my mom is cool and shipped it over to me asap and now I finally get to work on it. I don't know about you, but sometimes a new project is the light I put at the end of whatever tunnel. This particular tunnel was prepping our house to be sublet, packing, cleaning and still making sure we had time to hang with all our friends before we skipped out. Time management success.

This is going to be Aproned Tank by Hannah Fettig made with Quince and Co. Finch in Honey, the most glorious of baby shit yellows. I'm not the only one excited for fall knitting in the middle of the summer right?

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