bike adventure in the pinelands

Two weeks ago we had a freakish and thorough break in the weather. The snow melted, the sun shined, the coats and gloves came off. We opened the windows to get some fresh air in the house and then packed up our bikes and drove to the pinelands! The pinelands are this really weird ecosystem that apparently only exists in southern New Jersey so they're protected and NJ made a fairly large state forest of it. There is a lot of mountain bike single track to ride, but since I don't have a mountain bike (yet) we brought our cross bikes and rode around on the fire roads. It's great because all the sand drains really quickly and the massive amounts of snow didn't make anything muddy.
It was great getting out there and seeing trees even if most of them were dead, and also riding without tons of gear on. We heard a tree fall in the woods (yes it made a sound) and heard the most berserk screaming hawk/eagle ever… we decided it must be it's mating call but honestly the thing just sounded insane. And as we rode through the sandy, abandoned and creepy trails Db told me stories he'd heard about people apparently using the pinelands as a place to bury bodies. Good to know, don't go to the pinelands at night ever. Untitled


  1. OMG Laura, a formal Thank You note is on it's way.
    Are these the famous Pine Barrens?
    There is a book by a great author, John McPhee, called "The Pine Barrens".
    Birdgirl Lisa

    1. ! Glad you got it, I was thinking about you all day Saturday! And yes these ARE the Pine Barrens! Must find that book, one more to add to my list on my phone so I can scope at the used book store :)