a humble dish towel

Untitled A few weeks ago I got a text from my mom asking if I'd checked my mail yet that day (always a good sign!) I jumped off the couch and ran down the alley to find a surprise package waiting. It wasn't a birthday or holiday, and when I opened the box I found a note that said "Just because". There was candy for Db and I, a pig ear for Uzo, AND THIS.

I've said it before, but I come from a family of talented and crafty people. The most recent development in craft is my mom taking up weaving, and as soon as I saw this nicely folded fabric in the box I knew she'd made it. When Db and I opened it up we seriously stood in my studio inspecting it, turning it over, and generally being amazed in total silence for a good minute or two. Weaving is so impressive to me, it's like magic. The concentration and skill required is just insane. So when she told me it was a dishtowel and that she wanted us to actually use it to towel dishes I laughed and was like "Are you serious?!" with a sort of amused horror. Nope. It's been folded neatly in clear view from my spot on the couch since getting it. My mom constructed woven cloth just for me and hand stitched that little love note on it, so so cool. I plan on keeping this forever.Untitled


  1. This is so incredibly beautiful.
    I see where you get your talent from...

  2. This post is so warm and fuzzy. That towel is beautiful and I wouldn't use it either!! That mom of yours is alright!