dirty doz '14: meat socks (sfw if you don't google "meat sock")

let there be socks
Finally cast on yarn I bought two years ago that I've wanted to turn into socks for myself for 730 days, and while rocking awesome new nail polish (some Christmas gifts are better than others). Can't beat that combo easily. I may ride my bike and be totally ok wearing most cycling gear/being sweaty and disheveled in public, but I'm still unapologetically excited by things like this. I feel minimal need to choose between being a cyclist and being amused by nail polish and Grandma's slow handcrafts. Who says you can't get dirty and then go home and knit yourself a decidedly femmy colored pair of socks?  It's the best of both worlds, not unlike the dinosaur and glitter themed birthday party I decided I'm throwing for myself. Being a modern feminist kicks ass!

Anyways, this yarn is Malabrigo Yarn Sock in Archangel and I'm using the pattern Charade. I had originally planned on knitting a plain pair of socks with this yarn because I thought the color pooling would turn out cool, and I'd picked Charade to knit with some more demure yarn (if Pop Rocks neon pink can be considered demure). But screw it! I felt like using this yarn and I felt like knitting Charade so I combine the two. I like that it's looking incredibly weird... but it's looking incredibly weird. You know how when you chop up meat for beef stew it has that whitish membrane on it in some places? It's that crazy layer and sometimes it even looks borderline sparkly? It may be fat but I'm not really sure because I don't eat or cook meat, so it's all very mysterious. Well for whatever reason the way this is working up really reminds me of that, and keeping with mine and Db's habit of only giving garments nicknames that are terrible (ie: trashbag shirt, slut pants, etc.) these are already my "meat socks" and I haven't even finished making them yet. And Mom, I implore you to not google meat sock.
Meat socks


  1. Really pretty yarn and neat stitch pattern. I don't normally gravitate towards such bright reds/pinks/purples (my favorites are green & blue) but your color choices have inspired me to go for more pops of bright, fun colors. I'm not so fond of meat myself but I'd be up for trying some tomato/beet/Hybiscus tea colored yarns...Goal - more adventurous color choices for 2014!

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's totally fun to wander outside your normal colors every once in a while, it keeps things interesting! Happy bright yarn shopping, you know that's the best part... :)