who can argue with strawberries?

probably no one. not you and definitely not me.

after going to a few mountain bike races with dillon and uzo, i decided i wanted to get some embroidery floss to make friendship bracelets a la 3rd grade (and let's be real, most years after that, too). it just seemed like my normal surroundings for making them, sitting in torn pants on the ground in the woods... it brought on such a flood of awesome memories. so yeah, i went on purl soho to get some floss because they basically have EVERY COLOR IN THE WORLD and there's nowhere around here that has any besides michael's (the devil) anyways, but as soon as i hit their homepage i got an eye full of the cutest fabric quite possibly ever. it stole my friendship bracelets' thunder pretty hardcore. first i was like "ok ok ok, i'll get three yards of the orange strawberry, i haven't spent any money on supplies in three months and this is amazing." and then hunted for embroidery floss. alas, i ended up ordering two other prints too... and every few minutes kept upping the yardage haha. hey guys, zero regret, it was a preorder and one doesn't stumble upon awesomeness of this level often.

i figure, i don't have a job for fun! i got enough for a dress or skirt or top of each... and a bit leftover for a quilted pillow. i also got like 15 colors of embroidery floss and some organic white canvas and twill to dye and turn into a box bag tutorial for you guys (hopefully soon!). what a great celebration for my sewing machine finally being in working order again right? i'm really excited!

so, if you have an amazing fabric habit too, here's the goods...
windham fabrics - briar rose: lilac calico, orange strawberry (sold out!) and pink strawberry

if you get any let me know! i'd love to see what you make with it, i don't think you can go wrong :) happy weekend!

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