belmont plateau

this weekend we went to belmont plateau in philly, seriously every park around here is ridiculously cool. we packed a bag with supplies (beer) and db lead the way into the woods because he mountain bikes there. we heard weird birds and smelled some weird smells, uzo hopped over logs like the hardcore off road dachshund he is and i retaught db what poison ivy looks like for the millionth time. we had a beer picnic on a log in the woods while uzo sniffed around and decided he owned everything around us. db had been talking about making a terrarium since right when everything died in the fall, so we brought the supplies he needed to nab a few plants and rocks to build it. that was saturday and it's still not dead... pretty impressive. i decided i'm growing peas this spring and nabbed some bean poles from a dead tree in the woods too. i can't wait to have my very own pretend tree on the deck! plus we get to eat them. i remember peas being the only crop i'd ever grow when i was younger that would actually work out. carrots on the other hand can kiss my ass indefinitely.

led zep
led zeppelin IV anyone?

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