baker's doz: luxury monster triangle!

anteros shawl
sweet, sweet victory! this lovely mass of silk and merino wool was put into shape thanks to a wonderful birthday gift of the pattern and possibly one of my favorite souvenir gifts of all time, the yarn. seriously, fellow yarn lovers know where it's at in both cases. i wanted to make this enormous and totally powered through the last lace stripe and a half that would take and HOUR to do one repeat of right side and wrong side. so worth it! this thing is awesome. it was hard not to wear it a lot to keep it sharp looking long enough to take nice pictures. now? all bets off.

about the pattern, i loved it. i modified it a little to make the lace stripes a little wider and the triangle itself wider so i could wear it more like a gigantic scarf thing (details on it's ravelry link), but i really liked this pattern. it's really easy to memorize, is lace but works surprisingly well with loud variegated yarns and the finished shawl is amazing looking. finding a good pattern is always really exciting, and i usually end up using it more than once...

anteros shawl by mari chiba
blue heron silk merino - deep blue sea (which appears to be discontinued)
anteros shawl anteros shawl

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