baker's doz: db's ridiculous hat

so, i knit this. i finished it just in time to send it off with db on his snowboarding adventure last month. it came out really good but seriously, it does not look good on him! he doesn't ever keep the brim rolled up far enough, it rolls into his face and practically covers his eyebrows. do you have any idea how ridiculous that looks?! so. bad. he's like a bean head. i go to lovingly look at him and all i see is UGH! HAT! maybe i'll sew the brim up at the right height so he isn't in control of how he looks because it's a known fact he doesn't look in the mirror ever.

anyways, enough hat bashing. this was the second project i finished this year! not bad right? db needed a new hat so i gathered up a ton of pattern options and yarn colors and this was what happened. after his pattern choices for this hat and the socks i knit for him i've decided he might hate me though. he always picks patterns that makes my fussy, time consuming habit of knitting fussier and even more time consuming... it's just a skill he has. i guess i can also take it as a compliment, right? because when he sees things that i've never done before he doesn't see it as a problem. he knows i'll figure the damn thing out or else.

a most bespeckled hat by alexandra tinsley
pom pom - blue large clover pom pom maker

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