elk neck state park and chesapeake bay

this weekend involved pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware and maryland. all it took to make it happen was my realization that i hadn't gone outside the city limits in literally a month, a scan of maps on my phone and directions to the nearest salt water looking state park i could find. apparently i picked the northernmost tip of chesapeake bay by happy accident, i only realized it and asked db where we were when we were already wandering around and looking at the water for the first time.

we saw lots of really cool orange colored dirt (and sand and water), heard a weird version of my favorite bird song, stumbled into a mini forest of wild holly trees and watched uzo willingly run around in the snow... all of which were firsts. we also decided philadelphia is great and all, but it's too damn far from the ocean. we are way more portuguese than we originally thought.
Untitled orange dirt wild holly trees Untitled chesapeake bay

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