not dead yet

birthday skirt!
today is my birthday

i'm spending it wearing lipstick, casting on a new amazing project (thanks alice!) and not deciding where to go for dinner but hoping there will be something chocolate involved. i don't even care that it's the coldest day of the winter so far as it is every year on my birthday. i went for a walk to the thrift shop down the street and scored this miracle of a skirt and then hit up the record store. cold be damned! i seriously get the worst weather every single year, there's always a nice little thaw the week before and then a plunge into the grips of frozen hell just in time for me... i guess that's why db and i invented summer birthdays. sorry about the weather guys!

i cannot believe i'm this old, it's a little weird but completely awesome. time to celebrate my non-death status! when i post next i'll be a respectable adult who wears age appropriate clothes and doesn't like eating mac and cheese for dinner or trying to sneak into bars for fun...

hahaha yeah right

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