oh sandy

being in philly i thought "like totally omg, we might get some like, terrible weather or something", so we hunkered down under a blanket at resolved to watch movies until we surely lost power. but even though we were hit smack on by hurricane sandy, this is the only devastation i've seen. honestly, i'm not even sure how it happened. i mean look at it, i'd almost be more likely to believe a gnome came over, hopped up on our deck and tipped it over as a joke than to believe wind knocked over my terra cotta pot of now sad, dead basil. i thought it was so funny i left it like that.

just wondering, did they ever stop and think how amusing naming an ocean storm sandy would be? i've never seen so much sand in the wrong places in my life. i bet the people on the coasts are cursing the sandy/sandy situation because if they've thought of it, they're probably giggling at their own misfortune.


  1. if it's the only thing that happened you're lucky :)

    1. it's true, we seriously lucked out. some of our friends back in RI just got their power back today.