adventures in hometown 2.0

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last weekend my parents came to visit db, uzo the puppy grandchild and i down here in our new strange land. i think my dad wanted to make sure we didn't live in a worse neighborhood than the last place we lived (it really wasn't that bad) because he'd been told by a total stranger while up in NH (who had no idea i'd moved here) that the dog he adopted from a shelter in philly was "used to the sound of gunshots but didn't like seeing people hug so he must've seen some bad things in the city". i also think my mom wanted to make sure i wasn't about to fling myself out a window because it's a well known fact that i'm not the biggest fan of cities.

when we were trying to plan the weekend db and i were pretty skeptical we'd manage to keep them entertained because we haven't really gone out and seen lots of stuff yet, but it turned out to be pretty easy. their one request was to "see the broken bell!" and my one request was for my dad to take our grill on it's maiden voyage and the one thing we all like is green stuff so we fled the city and went to Longwood Gardens.

we saw the bell, city hall and independence hall, corny but pretty cool. we ended up going to the reading terminal market, watching the olympics and eating amazing grill dinner, it kicked ass. longwood gardens though, best place ever.

so we went because everyone said that no matter what time of year you go they always have something awesome going on as far as flowers. they had this GIGANTIC greenhouse with tons of different themed rooms of crazy plants. honestly, there's no point in describing it, i live in little plant dream world and i wouldn't have even believed this without seeing it. a room full of ferns, a room full of grey pants, a room full of hybrid hibiscus, a jungle TREE room... very jurassic park, fruit rooms, awesome pools of giant lily pads and maybe 50 different types of water lilies. it just was unbelievable. one thing i learned when trying to choose pics for this post is it's really easy to take pics that make shitty to nice looking things look good, but trying to take pics of wicked awesome stuff that look good enough IS IMPOSSIBLE. i have over a hundred pics of the gardens and they all aren't good enough! i could seriously write about that place forever, but i'm just going to go with it's awesome, you should check it out if you like plants and are anywhere near it ever, and you might get to see some butterflies close up and a crazy disguised caterpillar lowering itself from a tree if you're lucky. also, if you like plants at all, it will be the best gift shop you've ever seen. i got a rabbit foot fern, it's awesome.

super fun weekend, next time we'll run up the steps at the art museum pretending to be Rocky

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