new home, new sheets

as i've gotten older i've realized more and more that yes, i am actually a stereotypical female in more ways than i would care to admit. i've slowly accepted that there is nothing wrong with wanting to wear heels around the house for fun, buying one too many tubes of near identical red lipstick or day dreaming about cooking amazing dinners for db when he gets home from work.

this slow acceptance of what women in our culture have been raised to believe is gender decided weakness or 'lesser' valued qualities has only lead me to realize that i care even less about what everyone else thinks of my choices than i originally thought... which was very little to begin with.

it's silly the things that can trigger such wondering thoughts about your own life. this all began with really wanting all new sheets and some non-teflon pots and pans for our new adventure in philadelphia. in the scheme of things these are small and unimportant (ok, the pots and pans are because we're tired of boiling chemicals into our pasta), but it seemed important to me. i also knew we were going to have one week between getting here and having our stuff delivered, which isn't a big deal, but it came as a surprise what i've realized i miss. db is like "almost time to get our bikes back!" (please know, we actually have a bike each here already) and me? i'm counting the days until i get the kitchen back. seriously. pots, pans, dishes, silverware.

past laura, don't worry... we thought about this and we're not a sellout. true feminism is having choices and refusing judgement. i cannot wait to cook dinner next week and i don't care how lame that may sound. lentil tacos, hell yes.

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