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what's in my bag
as i've always thought "what's in my bag" posts were pretty amusing and pointless, i was inspired to do one to share with you guys after a particularly ridiculous adventure into center city. basically, walking around with my bag looking like this. it was an epic haul and about damn time we got to a yarn store and a bike shop. we've lived here for two weeks, which is about two weeks longer than that should have taken to happen.

so, crammed in my bag:
- patent leather pouch wallet thing. it used to have a really cool ball zipper pull which sadly broke off because i played with it way too much.
- dog poop bag (oh the glamour)
- keys, yes that's a squirrel bottle opener
- a business card from a particularly handsome engineer with his digits written on the back
- philly dog license tag (not sure why this was in there)
- spare sd card (this either, it's full)
- iphone
- my fabulous shades
- a skein of madelinetosh tosh sock in posy
- a pair of mks touring pedals for my mixte
- philly bike map!
- adorable small dog to assure everyone we encounter is friendly
- my trusty camera which i used to take this pic

far less glamorous than most what's in my bag posts but whatever, i'm not one of those girls who carries three different pretty mini perfumes in their bags anyways. it may look cute in a picture but where would i have crammed the bike pedals? plus i think caring about how you smell and caring about bike pedals might be mutually exclusive activities anyways, right?

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  1. Oh my...you did what...crammed that poor innocent, sweet little doggie in your tiny weeny little bag??? Sweet LOL