dyeing with shabd

class this past weekend kicked complete ass. shabd was really cool and a really good teacher. she so obviously has a love for this process and can do it totally second nature. she taught us little tricks to make our lives easier along the way and how to save resources and make fewer messes too which was awesome. the first day of class we learned about the chemical processes and different dying techniques, and the second day we got to make projects using whatever methods we wanted which was awesome.
she had some garments for dyeing that we could buy and we could bring in stuff too. luckily i planned ahead (for once) and nabbed 4 yards of organic cotton voile so i can make a particularly rad maxi dress out of it. so here are my project pics! i'll be decribing the image above the caption.
above and below are pics of the 4 yards of cotton voile. it's scrunch/circle tied single immersion dyed
Untitled Untitled
scrunched double immersion silk swatch, def the coolest looking thing i made
scrunched bottle dyed silk scarf... i'm wearing it right now, it's rad.
accordion folded double immersion cotton swatchUntitled
the very necessary bottle dyed swirl cotton swatchUntitled
single immersion, folded and clamped cotton swatch, a traditional shibori technique Untitled
scrunched bottle dyed cotton swatch

it was so amazing, i can't even describe it. i absolutely love how it's like a team effort between you and the materials to make something beautiful together. opening up each swatch was like a cool little surprise, and since that's how i like to work anyways in my painting and in life in general it really jived well with me. i'm so happy i just went for it and did this it was so inspiring. i want to do it again! i can't wait to buy supplies to dye more rad stuff, i have some pretty cool plans for this knowledge, what an awesome thing to do with a weekend.

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