hair portrait

our burlington adventure this weekend was so fun! i didn't take many pictures because it was cold and my camera battery is like "fuck off" most of the time, but it was pretty rad. it happened to be the weekend that the city (town? it was really not big) of burlington decided to celebrate mardi gras so it was a bit ridiculous, but it was still a good time. saturday night we found the only bar without a line out the door and we got a little table. it was awesome. i do love a good old fashioned coaster with printing on only one side at a bar, the "hair portrait" may have never been invented without one. the hair portrait along with the discovery of "breakfast nachos" were the winners of the weekend by far.

we went out to a few places and did they usual vermont things like drank lots of beer, used vermont maple syrup and went to ben and jerry's. we wandered around downtown burlington and decided that everyone there is like the most hardcore outdoor yuppie we'd see here, it felt like every store was a gear shop. i did manage to find the only yarn shop in burlington and ended up nabbing 2 1/2 yards of some fairly amazing purple fabric for a sundress. we had an awesome hotel room overlooking lake champlain and i tried to bait and catch champy but to no avail, he is an elusive creature after all. when we woke up on sunday it was snowing! i'm not all about winter, but i do love snow.

it was awesome, but it is the last time i'll let db trick me into having a more northerly than where we live adventure in the middle of the winter! next time it's sunblock needed or bust!

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