2012 dirty doz: candy colored sundress!

vogue 9209

the 2012 dirty dozen is coming along really well so far! it's so much fun planning out and gathering supplies for my projects and wearing them or seeing other people wear them is awesome. so far 4 down, 3 in the works and two planned and waiting. i've discovered having too many going on at once is bad, plus my excitement for starting a new one that's ready to go keeps me chugging away at the ones that are 3/4 done.

so for the newest one, you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a dress pattern casual enough to call a sundress that has a waist. this one took a while to hunt down but it was worth it. there's something so alice in wonderland about a sundress with a waist, it's very dreamlife. anyways, this weekend while db was working on our car (can i torch it please?), i went to my absolute fave fabric store. the ladies who own it are super nice and it's always fun going in there and chatting with them. i always have a seriously hard time choosing just one print any time i go because they have so much fun fabric, but this time was easy. the second i saw this i was like, this is going to be like wearing candy, it's PERFECT.

so here it is, the first thing i'm making that isn't going to clash with every single other garment i already own. sweet!

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