february is not summer

oh february, not a good month for building gorgeous tents outside. it's really, really nice out today at least, i'm going to open the windows in this place and have an adventure with uzo. hopefully my uncontrollable daydreams of summer will be pushed off again for a bit at least.

i'm excited about this summer for a million reasons though. besides the usual it's-hands-down-the-most-awesome-season thing, not needing to wear a million layers, eating oysters by the ocean and drinking cocktails from mason jars in parks (or my parents' backyard which is even better than a park), it's also going to be the first time i really can work full time in my studio, we're moving to a place that will have a little yard and we're going on another rad adventure to celebrate our wedding being a whole year behind us, which is different than it being for our anniversary if you're wondering.

it's gonna be a good one, i just have to make it there alive.


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