yes. every single hipster and hipster-like person in the entire universe has ordered one of these. i don't care. i ordered it ten seconds after discovering it and it's finally here! why such the hipster hate anyways? perhaps the overly serious vimeo vid they posted? but really,if you want to stop being wasteful because you use disposable coffee cups and also use something you likely already have to serve another useful purpose what's not good about that? i'd prefer not to have my bev soaking up chemicals in a plastic water bottle all day, and the stupid paper cup has always been a fairly large deterrent for me nabbing a desperation coffee on my way to go teach 24 preschoolers at 8 am mon-fri (crack might also help). since i've had a heinous cold since getting it in the mail i've had about a gallon of tea from this thing, i love it. can i even say it cures the sick?

"what is cuppow?" you may be asking. short answer is: awesome. slightly longer one is: it's a bpa free plastic lid that fits wide mouth Ball jars to turn it into a travel mug. this is awesome. the only drawback is it being hot, and i knit this pretty unrefined little sleeve for it in less than an hour. i have bigger plans for future sleeves but this will get the job done for now.

- drinking from glass = no chemicals!
- no more wastey paper cups for desperation coffees/no desperation coffees because of wastey paper cup guilt (it happens)
- you probably have ball jars chillin' anyways, and if not they're $10 for 12 and are super useful for storing dry goods in your pantry
- pint size for hot stuff, quart sized for monster iced coffee come summer time! or... cocktails to go. don't judge.
- it's so not expensive $7.99. with all those little "you didn't waste a cup" discounts at coffee shops it'll be less than free eventually
- DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA BY TWO DUDES THAT ALSO LIKE BIKES (they must be cool) they also have real humans letterpress their packaging which is rad.

- non-clever people could burn themselves

wanna investigate for yourself? doo it!


  1. So cool! I hadn't heard of these, so thanks! It looks quite cozy in its little jar sweater.

    Also, if you accidentally dropped it, maybe this would prevent it from shattering?

    Either way, clever. I like!

  2. thanks! yeah the cuppow is pretty awesome and the little sweater was really easy to make. i never thought of it's shock absorbing factor before! i'm a fairly dropsy girl so that might come in handy haha.