2012 dirty dozen: the newest endeavor


well then, it didn't take me long to turn yarn lust into an in progress cardigan did it? i can explain my seemingly heinous lack of craft related spending willpower... maybe.

i went to school for art. though i tend to make more abstract art than representational i've always believed that it's wickedly important for every artist to have a solid knowledge of the classics of art history and an even more solid understanding of, and the ability to execute, the basics of art. you have to know the rules and reasons before you can break them without your work looking like an aimless mess. as horribly boring as all those art "excersizes" were, i feel like you can't fuck with things without knowing the basics cold.

i like fucking with things, and i want to be able to do that with knitting. basically, i want to know everything. i have all these ideas for knit garments that i lack the technical knowledge to create and i hate that. so i bought this wicked cool yarn to make a cardigan with a bunch of things i've never done before in the pattern. win win! i'll end up with a rad sweater and a bunch of skillzzz. fair enough right?

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