the gold medal



so this has been a project in the works that almost spanned 3 calendar years, almost. this pattern is Lauren by Kim Hargreaves, and it has got to be the singular most time consuming project of my life to date, ZERO exaggeration. if you have a ravelry account and want to see and read all the bloody details feel free. it didn't take forever because i didn't work on it or made constant mistakes i ripped out, it's because it's knit with sock yarn. that's like one step above dental floss as far as i'm concerned. i started it on june 27, 2010 and finished on december 31, 2011 by the skin of my teeth. i was sewing buttons on until 5 minutes before we walked out the door for new years eve fun.

besides the fact that i ended up with a sweater that i consider totally awesome and by far the nicest garment i own, my complete unwillingness to give up on this project also lead me to make my "daily rows" rule for all my projects so every single day no matter what i'd have to knit at least 2 rows so it would be moving forwards. i also learned a lot of cool tricks for making knitting not look like shit AND that i shouldn't buy buttons until i know for sure what size i need (seriously bought 5 sets for this thing before finding these). so although this project cost me weeks solid of my life and many sore handed nights, i can still call it a total success. i mean look at it! i can't even believe i made it and i've stared at it for hours at a time for over a year and a half!

i love this thing

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