love? hate?

ok, so i like curtains. i get a lot of crap from db about how totally unnecessary they are and i managed to lose the curtain war in our current apartment. normally i wouldn't have admit defeat, but the money involved in curtaining our enormous old mill building windows sort of put the knife in it. i also like silk scarves. i have an entire shelf in my bookcase just piled with my carefully curated collection of vintage scarves (i also get crap from db about that haha). they're awesome, i would say i wear them too often but i like them too much to care.

of course when i saw the meeting of curtain and scarf i had a mixed reaction of joy and horror. it looks so good! it's such a good idea! we live in an open studio and that would break up the space but in a warm and beautiful way! but then who would ever ruin those beautiful scarves?! why aren't they being worn and helping people all over not dress so damn boring?! disapprove.

so while i love the way it looks i could never do this. it's like urban outfitters' (i hate them by the way) new window displays of cut up old crochet afghans. those are meant to live in the back of your car and wrap yourself in when you pull over to look at the stars or to have an impromptu picnic on, not to be chopped up and then discarded when the novelty wears off in 3 weeks (like everything else at urban).

repurposing certain old things is just not cool.


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