a curry sweater for puppo

i love puppy sweaters

so here he is, the man of the hour! finally finished his stylin' sweater after almost a year long hibernation. it's from the pamphlet "dandy dog coats" by evelyn clark and i'm not even going to lie, it's the third of this exact sweater i've knit for him in different colors. i figure hey, one for rainy, wet or slushy cold, one for dry or snow cold (this one, so it won't get nasty) and then one to forget places and not care too much because he has other ones. what a well prepared dog!

*here's a dorky fun fact for you, they always say boy scouts are the ones that have the motto "be prepared" but it's girl scouts, too. as a girl scout i never got to play with jack knives though so i think boy scouts with their knives, fire building, boat safety and general badassery are still far cooler.

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