valuable fowl

not that i'm currently obsessed with birds and poultry, but i sort of am. i know it's something no one considers when moving but i really want to know what birds i'm going to hear when i move to a different part of the city (like will there BE birds over there? because there are none here), or vermont, or colorado or europe. what will they sound like? when will they sing? in new hampshire at my grandparents' summer house we have the pipe bird which is my absolute favorite, and the "new hampshire bird" which i think is some sort of tiny thing with a particular call and a totally official name that i don't know. when dillon and i went to rome, florence and amsterdam the birds were the most noticeably different thing about their natural environment. the birds in rome and florence WERE INSANE! i have no idea what they were but they were super noisy and really entertaining. they would make a ton of noise and fly around and sunrise and sunset. i even took videos so i could record the screaming sounds and we could laugh about them pretty much indefinitely.

i hope we have cool bird songs to listen to wherever we go next!

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