the tent, OUR tent!

this is the view from inside our insanely cool tent! here's the rest of the weekend that lead up to this point...

us powering up to wander the streets of freeport

the balls

and a creepy storage garage in a blocked off alley on the way to the bar that was full of parking meter heads

so we made it to freeport! it was awesome, i love our annual trip up there. we went to a rad little yarn store where i bought the perfect button for a sweater i finished last winter, ate delish pizza and beer, wandered the stores (including a mile walk in the pitch black to a knife store) and took a selfy with the balls. we got awesome sleeping bags and db got a head lamp. on the way home we stopped in portsmouth, nh to go to a bar db has been to a few times. no tent though :/

db knew how bummed out this made me so before i woke up yesterday he did online recon and we ended up going to ems and rei. rei had a really awesome looking big agnes 3 person tent and they said we could pop it up and check it out. we did, it was AMAZING and we bought it immediately. we set it up in the living room and hung out in it all day which was way more fun than it should've been.

i can't wait to go camping! this weekend kicked complete ass. i still can't believe we got a tent finally, nevermind such a hardcore one that's also awesome looking. i'm so happy we could use camping out for db's mountain bike races as an excuse to get this, now we can use it for tons of other adventures too which is so exciting. this thing takes like 3 minutes to pop up completely, i'm a total dork for it.

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