things that are awesome

this is awesome. note taken. baguette and wine picnics are so fun and so easy it's shocking that people don't bust into spontanious wine and baguette picnics all over the place. gotta say though, this forest is pretty amazing looking. besides the wicker basket and the fact that this bike is beyond terrible this scenario looks pretty close to ideal.

on the bike note, i've finally found the perfect mixte! it's a sweet ass old school Centurion touring bike. she's light metallic cocoa, in amazing condition and in general totally awesome. she's going to be the perfect cruising bike, i am SO excited! i'm going to treat her to some cruiser bars, a Brooks saddle (yeah, i'm going there), an uzo sized front basket (puppy portage!), a rear rack, full fenders and a crate for the back and carrying yarn, beer, art supplies or a blanket and picnic basket. basically, nothing not completely rad will be allowed within 5 feet of this bike, it's going to be that cool.


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