Marco Simoncelli, coolest dude.

yesterday the raddest of rads, Marco Simoncelli, got killed during a race. it totally sucks and seems so wrong and untrue. he was 24. on top of that being waaay to young to die, he was totally going to be the next motogp champion. he was my favorite EVER and was really fun to watch. he was a complete animal on his bike and on top of it he was huge compared to the other riders so he even looked like a monster when he was riding. on top of the really sad and fucked up part, everyone else in motogp is boring and now it sucks to be motogp, it's just not going to be the same. he got killed in a freak accident kind of way and it totally shouldn't have happened, it's like his bike defied the laws of physics.

while dillon and i are both super sad that Super Sic is gone (along with probably not exaggerating like a million others), we're really happy we got to see him race once when we went to the Grand TT in Assen on our honeymoon. I even got a picture of my lovely Simoncelli AND we ate his sponsor's bread in Italy and took pictures of that too... i bet you didn't realize i was that big of a dork for motorcycle racing hahaha. his bread was really good and i had already forgiven him for crashing lap one right in front of us in Assen, but i was totally convinced we'd see him at another race and that he'd win it.

the last picture is him on the left (didn't he have badass written all over him?) nabbing his first ever motogp second place last weekend, he was wicked stoked. i'm happy his last race was his career best but it makes it even sadder that he's never going to get his #1 in gp.

pic i think was from his fanpage but it's down now
pic mine
pic mine
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