butterick 4067

just got this baby in the mail and can't wait to make it! the thought of a warm, wool maxi skirt for this winter is SO awesome, i'm totally making the pink one, and likely in pink but that's just coincidence. i have a dress i have to finish before i'll let myself spend a cent on fabric for it, but at least i've got the pattern in hand. i have a new rule for myself; i have to finish a project (any project) before i can get supplies for the next. hopefully i can stick to it and it'll cut down on my unfinished project guilt/absurd supply shopping sprees. only exception is buying vintage patterns, if i find it in my size and i definitely want to make it i can totally buy it right then otherwise risk my years long search for mystery 70s halter jumpsuit i lost on ebay and didn't write down repeating itself. now i just have to finish my cardigan! it's hard to mobilize myself to knit grey on a grey day, but i'm 95% done! the end is near!

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